Reconnecting with Family During the Final Days of Summer


For many people the easy days of summer are the perfect time for road trips to their old hometowns or schools. Relatives get together for reunions and picnics and there is a sunny feeling of reconnection and family. But if someone dear to your heart is missing from your life or if you’ve lost touch with a special person from the past, the summer can be bittersweet.

If this were 1967 and you were looking for a long lost friend it would require some serious digging and leg work and a whole lot of luck, but today there are so many great online services like Advanced People where you can find who you’re looking for from the ease and comfort of your home.

The first thing you want to do is get all of the info you may already have or know about the person. You can start with name, mother’s maiden name or last known address. If you don’t have much basic info start by making a list of those who might have an idea of where your long lost friend or relative may be. Start with their friends and relatives. Find out if any of their old neighbors still live on the same street. Don’t rule anyone out. You never know who might hold the one clue you need.

If you have extraordinary amounts of extra time you can try sifting through google and Facebook, but if like most of us you are busy with work and family, it makes more sense to start with a quality people search engine so you can tap into and research any of the valuable data you do have. Sometimes just one phone number, street address or email address is exactly what will reconnect you in one way or another with that friend or relative.

Searches that access public records can truly yield a wealth of information that may help you find who you’re looking for, but keep in mind that juvenile and adoption records are not accessible. In those cases the search can be more challenging but certainly not impossible. If the person you’re searching for is homeless you may still be able to find a mailing address for them by starting with photos and last known addresses.

In any case, once you do find that special someone you should be respectful of their space. Send out a letter or email to be sure they are ready to reconnect with you as well and if they are, get together and find out what they’ve been up to all of these years.


Reuniting Made Easy

find erelatives


It’s so easy to lose touch…it happens to the best of us.

At Advanced People Search we truly want to help you find and reconnect with anyone you wish to find. If you’re looking for family, schoolmates or old college buddies we’re here to help you connect again.

It’s so easy to lose touch with people, even those we truly care about and cherish. Most often this occurs when we move or get married. Those great friendships and connections from college and from our younger days get lost along the way.

If you’re wanting to reconnect with someone from days gone by, you can use Advanced People Search to make a good start. Use our site to search by name or address. You can start with what you do remember. What was their maiden name? What was the street they once lived on? Do you know their grandmother’s name? What about a cousin?  Any information you have will be valuable as you use our site to search.

It’s important to be sure you really do want to find that person. What will you do once you find them? Will they want to connect with you as well? Will it even be possible to get together? Maybe a phone call is the best way to go. Sometimes reuniting just isn’t possible, especially if the person in question lives in Portland, OR and you live in Miami, FL. Still, you can at the very least plan a skype get together or an initial phone call. Whatever the case may be, once you find who you’re looking for, it’s important to take the next step. Chances are, that they will want to communicate with you in whatever way you can make work and is comfortable for everyone.

Once you do reunite it will be great to talk about things you shared from the past and to find out how your lives have changed over the years. Chances are good that if you were friends you will still have a great deal in common and those bonds will still be there just waiting for you to reunite. No matter why you’re feeling the urge to reconnect, the first step is a great place to start. Use our reverse phone number search tools and see where they lead you. Good luck!

Hanging on the Family Tree

Hanging on the Family Tree

Back in 1991 my Aunt Faye was convalescing from a bout with Leukemia and decided to put together a full family tree album for her 7 brothers and sisters. It was a great project to occupy her time and it became her hobby for about two years. I remember her bringing bits and pieces of it to family gatherings and reunions. She’d get stuck on one particular branch and be unable to locate the descendants of a great-great aunt or uncle. At the time she embarked on writing letters to old neighbors, digging through old phone books and going down to the Capital in Harrisburg, PA to sleuth her way through county documents.

The search was complicated by the fact that many of the oldest people in our family had dispersed and disappeared during the great depression and the ensuing World War II. Who knows what happened to them? Perhaps some moved to other states or more urban areas like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia to find work. Maybe others married and with the change of their maiden names moved with their new husbands. In a few of these cases she was never ever to figure out where they went.

Eventually, after about two years she was on the path to health and had completed most of the family tree. It was a spectacular job complete with photos, maps and images of ancient headstones. Our family came mostly from France and once here mixed in a bit with Pennsylvania Dutch and on my Grandmother’s side back in the late 1800’s we found Shawnee Indian.

Those dead ends and empty branches sometimes stick in my mind. Often on a rainy day I wonder who belongs there and where are their children’s children? Where are my 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins? I imagine they are all over the country. And I think that when I am a bit older with some down time in my life I would like to complete our family tree.

But for now, I’m going to use to begin where she left off. Starting with the last known address and last names of those relatives to see what I can find.

The Limits of Google Search

People SearchDid you know that many people use Google as the first place of search? It actually makes sense if you think about it. It’s like point A on the family tree of search. So lets say you want to find Jane Miller and you know she is was a runner in high school. Start there. Maybe you will search for “Jane Miller Marathon” or “Jane Miller runner”. These type of general searches will sometimes bring you back to the Jane you’re hoping to find but in most cases you may just come up with so many search results matching the criteria you’ve plugged in, that it’s still like finding a needle in a haystack.

The way that Google works best is to have a long string of a specific descriptor like “Jane Miller Huntingdon Area High School Track.” Many times a specific or obscure descriptor like this will lead you on a trail back to the person you are looking for. So in cases of a quick place to start, when you have specifics, Google can actually be a great people search tool.

In other cases those leads may get you nowhere.Maybe all you will find is an old newspaper article that has archived race results with no additional info. If this happens and you really do want to find that old high school friend or long lost love, you probably want to use a people search engine to really hone the search through a variety of tools such as reverse phone number search or reverse address search. You may also be able to have a search engine like sift through old public records to find additional info for your search.

Helping Military Personnel Find Old Buddies

Helping Military Personnel Find Old Buddies

As we enter July and begin to look forward to road trips and vacations, most of us have BBQ and grilled burgers on our minds. We’re thinking of fireworks and flags because July 4th is such a Patriotic holiday. We honor our country and celebrate our independence. With all the cookouts and picnics it’s sometimes easy to forget that our freedoms belong to us because of the service men and women who have defended those very freedoms. They have made the ultimate sacrifice by going to other countries. Many lost friends at home and left their families behind.

Imagine being in a war zone with your brothers and sisters in arms. The bonds made they made are strong, loyal, and committed. You would think they would last a lifetime and in many cases they do. Unfortunately for many military men and women from past wars like Vietnam, WWII, and other skirmishes  these connections sometimes get lost once they return stateside. Imagine how important it is to them to share those experiences with those who truly understand, who were there, who were ready to die for you.

We all know that even now we have over a million military personnel across seas. Some of them are family, friends and acquaintances.  But what happens to those loved ones you know who have served when they truly need to talk and remember the experiences they shared? How can you help them find those distant servicemen and women? You can help by completing a simple name search or an email search. Often times these two things will connect you back to a phone number so they can get back in touch with their comrades. If they do have an old phone number you can even do a reverse phone number search. Reuniting these lost comrades can be the most meaningful thing you ever do for them.

Whatever the case may be we truly hope you and your loved ones find and reconnect with who you’re looking for

Practical People Search


Creative Commons License Max Khokhlov via Compfight

Summer time is so amazing. Picnics. Walks in the park. Sunset on the beach. Family reunions and upcoming high school reunions in the works. BBQ’s in the backyard and fireworks coming up in July.  It’s what we love about summer. The relaxed and lazy days make us reminisce and wonder what old friends are doing.

Last summer I had the good fortune to find one of my middle school buddies from back in PA. In this case I found him through social media. I got lucky. Turns out he’s a big deal politically and is actually in DC now. We reconnected and still talk in private messages as he truly enjoys talking with a friend who knew him from before the fortune and fame. We’re planning to meet up in South Beach some time this winter. What a perfect ending!

In another case I’ve really been thinking about my first kiss with a guy named Layne. He and I met at a teeny tiny local carnival. I was 15 he was 17. We rode the ferris wheel and ate cotton candy together. It was July 4th and the town businesses had pooled enough money to put on a small fireworks show. It was just like a movie. We kissed and giggled and held hands. Oh, talk about puppy love! We dated on and off over the summer. He was a super sweet guy but he wound up turning 18 and enlisting. I never saw him again.

Since then, I’ve moved to Florida and I have no clue where he wound up landing with his life. While I have no interest in dating him, I sure would love to know what he’s up to these days. Maybe have a phone call and relive that halcyon summer  of 1983

The first place I’m going to start is with his old hometown address. I know his parents have since moved but a search might connect me with their new address. If that doesn’t work I heard through another friend that his brother Jonathan moved to Harrisburg PA. I do know his last name so I can used to try to locate his sibling. The different kinds of search I can also try are reverse email, reverse address, and reverse phone number searches.

I have a good feeling that I will find him and we’ll get the chance to chat about 80’s mullets and our favorite Prince songs. I can’t wait to see what happens and where he’s been and gone. I also can’t wait to share my story and what I’m up to.

Is it time to make things right?

Amy in the dorm

Creative Commons License Cynthia Closkey via Compfight

Believe it or not sometimes our customers use people search or public records search engines to find someone from their past that they’ve done wrong in some way. Perhaps they were children or young adults. An unkind word or action. A fight that ended by friends parting ways. There are a variety of scenarios that may have happened years ago yet in quiet moments nag at the conscience.

As we get older it becomes more and more important to many of us to live with a clear mind and that means going back into our past to find those we’d like to make things right with. Sometimes this situations can drag on our minds for so long until they reach a point where we just need to get right.

I remember this girl named Jan from the first grade. We’d been friends and playmates for a year or two as our mothers car pooled us to kindergarten and then the first grade. Jan was introverted and very shy. She was probably the smartest kid in our class and was certainly the most brilliant (she went on in life to become a research scientist for an international company). Jan was also very tall and very skinny. Many of the kids called her skeletor or giraffe. We were made for each other as I was also bookish and chubby.

One day on the playground a bunch of the mean girl group started a game where they would run up and thump Jan on the back. She was sitting by the hopscotch quietly reading. I watched quietly but didn’t get involved. Then one of the prettiest and most popular girls asked me if I wanted to play with them.

My inner need for acceptance overruled my friendship and before I knew it I ran up and hit her as on the back. I immediately felt sick. But I was stuck. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. Later that year my family moved several hours away and I lost touch with her but that day nagged and nagged at my conscience. The fact that I’d hurt her nagged at me all the way through college.

Fortunately for me, my folks ran into her parents about 15 years later and got her email info. I immediately reached out to her to apologize for what I’d done so many years ago. She forgave me and we’ve exchanged emails over the years.

I was lucky. I didn’t have to try to find her as her contact info fell into my lap.

Most others aren’t so fortunate.

If you’ve got something nagging at your mind after all these years, using a people search tool is a great start towards reaching out to right that wrong from so many years ago. If you do find them make an effort to actually reach out and speak by phone if possible. Emails can be so impersonal. Chances are your call will mean the world to them.

Good luck on your search and please share your story with us if you do find that old friend. Let us know how it worked out.

Just Before You Wine & Dine

Just Before You Wine & Dine

So there you are on your first date and truth be told, it’s been awhile.  You’re excited, nervous and a little cautious. You’ve ordered a nice Cabernet and are chatting about business and careers. Your date asks you about your chocolate lab and you ask him about his English degree. You go back and forth over an appetizer of artichoke dip and corn tortilla chips.


“What kind of car do you like?”  Corvette for you. Ford Ranger for him.


“Action movies or dramas?”  Skyfall for you. Gangs of New York for him.


“Gym workouts or outdoors?” Running for you. Weights for him.


And so it goes. You agree to another date on Friday. You go. You build more in common. And yet…and yet you never seem to get around to the topic of children, marriage and previous relationships. And you can’t quite put your finger on it…what is IT? There’s just some very vague sense of evasion.


You start to wonder. Does he have a wife? A girlfriend? Did he just get divorced? Does he have children? Where did he move from?


You’re actually starting to like this one…what if he’s got someone? What if you are the rebound from a fresh breakup?


It would be nice to know wouldn’t it?


With all of the advances in technology and the proliferation of social media, it may be easier than you think.


You may be able to discover the wedding pictures, birthdays, resumes and relationship status of your current date. And sure, it may seem a little weird at first but think about how awful it would be to fall in love with a married man? What if he’s told you he’s never been married but he’s got four ex wives? Things could get complicated.


A quick search of online social profiles and backgrounds can give you some quick answers. Think of it as peace of mind. While trust at first sight is a great ideal, it isn’t always the best bet in todays day and age. Why not save yourself unnecessary heartache. Love is complicated enough!

You can use to find out as much as you can about your date.

Reminisce and Social Bliss

Reminisce and Social Bliss

As we get older it’s common to reminisce and recall days on the playground playing hopscotch and red rover or those late teen years with that group of special friends just out of high school…setting the world on fire with hopes and dreams. Those were some of the best days of our lives and so we think of those we’ve lost touch with and wonder what they made of their lives. Where did they go? Who did they marry? Do they have kids? Did Andrew ever get that dream job in Manhattan? Did Julie wind up moving to LA to build movie sets? Who knows? But wouldn’t it be nice to find out and reconnect? Chances are, they still think of you as well.

Well, thanks to modern search and technology there’s a good possibility you will be able to find that long lost friend. If you’ve exhausted your Facebook and Google search attempts you might consider using a more advanced search to find who you’re looking for.

At first glance using a reverse phone search or public record search to find someone feels a little weird. As humans we tend to think organically. We want to just magically bump into that special friend from the third grade. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none, but if you’ve got an old phone number or address, both can be used to do an advanced search to find that long lost friend.

What do you have to lose? Finding someone who was once important to you is as easy as opening your laptop and pouring yourself a nice glass of Cabernet. Grab that old address book or journal and spend a little time in the privacy of your home doing a little friendly sleuthing. Step back Sherlock Holmes! Your old friend will be so glad to hear where you are and tell you what they’re up to.

If you decide to give it a try please share your stories. Let us know who you’ve found and how the reunion worked out for everyone! And above all, enjoy your brief moment as a private eye!